Friday, August 04, 2006

The Way I saw It

Tiller man asked for a diagram. So here it is. Now keep in mind this is my recollection of events and in every dispute there are 2 sides. All comments good or bad are welcomed.

For a detailed view look download the pdf here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Doth Protest

Heavy winds last night, gusts to 21 knots, swells 6 feet. Had a great start and first mark rounding on the second mark rounding, however, had a bit of a mishap. Us and them...Were on both on starboard broad reach layline to the mark. We were the leeward boat in the lead and the other boat had overlap at the zone. We gave the other boat buoy room as prescribed by the code. They Gybed ahead of us on the outside, I took the opportunity to Gybe on the inside to perhaps get a better position. During the gybe our jib sheet got knotted (we did complete the gybe), the other boat took what I consider to be a tactical rounding and headed up fast and hard. My two options were to head up to the wind (close to the mark) and risk getting pushed through the wind, backwinding the jib with a tangled sheet or bear off hard and go down below. I chose to bear off and head down as I felt it was the safest option to do so.

I attempted to duck his stern and scratched his port stern gelcoat, as the bow was completing the turn I managed to grab his motor and took it clean off. His bracket was damaged and motor gone but we continued to race. I felt horrible after this. It was a mere inch and I would have cleared his stern.

A protest ensued, I reviewed the rules. By the strict rules I did not keep clear astern and had no rights, I did however give him buoy room which I believe he took to far. He argued proper course (I think can be a bit of a gray area, and at one point during the informal talk he admitted to not leaving me enough room to head up) but in the end in the interest of making friends not enemies I withdrew my protest. After all it was not the race that mattered to me, it was the welfare of the crew and others aboard. There will be other races.

Will see what the end result is in time I guess.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shuffling the deck

Took some time this weekend and moved some of the deck layout around. Moved the main halyard controls to the mast, moved the topping lift to just below the mast with a swivel mount, moved the jib to to just below the mast as well on the companionway top. Also put cam cleats on the rails for the trimmer. Took the boat out for a spin on Saturday to check out the new config. Everything seems to be working smoothly.

Still prepping for CORK. Winds look ok for tomorrow. Will update after race.