Thursday, July 13, 2006

What the Fog do You Mean Race Cancelled

Well, the rain was pretty heavy at times but lightened up on my way down to the club so being an optimist I thought "sure there will be a race. A little light drizzle...No problem. Have my foul weather." Did a quick visual check and trees tops were swaying quite nicely. I was getting excited. About a block from the club the sky was black and the wind was howling. Did not look good but knew which way the wind was blowing and was sure it would clear. Was not prepared for the Fog that rolled in though. Once down at the club I chatted with a few locals who were racing and they said that the visibility was still good enough to race.

Out we went! There were larger than normal swells but the wind did it's usual drill of dying down as we enter the channel to head out to the course. Once out there we bobbed and bobbed for a bit. Then there was a light breeze. Waited and waited for the committee boat (along with 5 or 6 eager racers) but the RC was a no-show. We scanned the radio but no communication.

Finally one by one the boats packed it in and headed for shore. Our crew being eager and always willing to sail decided to have a bit of a sail around. The wind had come up, fog had lifted and the we were sailing away nicely.

Why was the race cancelled again (and not postponed?)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Series 2006 Race 2 preparation Stage 1

Looks like some wet and windy weather is scheduled for the race tonight. Winds forecast at 25kph for mid race and winds backing around 5. N to NNE winds for the race. Should most likely be a triangle course. Wich will most likely include marker number 3 (the inffamous black hole) I will keep inn mind the wide rounding lesson of the last race.

Working on the logistics for the CORK and Port Credit Regatta (PCYC this weekend). Lots to do and so little time.

Will check back on results of race. Crew short one today. Will be sailing with four instead of the 5 that I wanted to start to carry.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another Skip On-board

This upcoming weekend is the Port Credit Yacht Club Open Regatta. We will be taking part in this regatta. The regatta is a J24 world qualifier event so the competition will be tough. I am hoping the crew and I will again learn a huge amount at this regatta.

There is still a lot of prep work to do. I have to co-ordinate the boat delivery, crew schedules, accommodations, and logistics for the race.

Went for a pleasure cruise on the weekend and met up with Simon, who was trimmer among other things on Gray Jay last season. He is now teaching a CYA credited course out of Bluffers Park Marina with
Nautical Escapes. Simon is a major contributor to our club newsletter. His stories, anecdotes and informational bits highly informative and amusing. I have asked him to come aboard as a contributor to The Skips Blog in an effort to increase the overall content that is available and perhaps increase the frequency of posts.

Look for his posts in the near future. I have asked him to include a write up for Nautical Escapes. I am looking forward to having another skip on board for discussion and content.