Monday, April 10, 2006

What A Difference 180 Days Makes

Yahoo podcasts (beta format) is gearing up to dominate the podcasting market by providing a very comprehensive search engine. In November 2005, one of my frequently visited sailing sites Seadated began podcasting. Back then there was only one other sailing podcast that I could find through itunes (furled sails).

Yesterday I did a quick search on Yahoo to see what I could find. My first search was a simple "sail" keyword search. It surprisingly yielded some great results both video and audio podcasts. The first entry was "The Captain Humphreys Video Blog". I have to say it was not exactly what I thought it would be. I will give it another try when the next episode comes out but quickly stopped watching it.

Full Sail Radio caught my attention and I listened to it for a bit. The segment had a great intro to racing for the novice. Thought it was well done. I look forward to future podcasts. I did some other searches as well with racing in the keyword mix and came up with some others. I was surprised to find the Volvo Ocean Race has a podcast.

Turning my attention to itunes I quickly checked out what was available. To my surprise there was a good number as well. Some of them were the same found on yahoo but the point here is that the content is growing. You never know maybe a video podcast of The Skips Blog is in order.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ode to Teak

Just got back from a long day at the boat. Slowly waking Gray Jay from her winter hibernation. Everything is in good working order. I did notice that the bottom will need a good clean before I put in the VC-17.

Spent most of the day sanding the teak toerails. Have to admit they are in rough shape. Not horrible but rough. Lots of elbow grease is the answer. Spend 3 hour sanding..(2 people) and managed to get 1/3 of the boat done. With each sanding stroke I kept my mantra..."this WILL look good when it is done". I bow to the strength of the teak wood. The boat has been exposed all winter and most likely three to four winters since it has had any wood treatment on the toerails. The rails had some major grain grooves in them which required an awful lot of sanding to smooth out.

I have never applied Cetol before. Got a kick when I read the back of the can. "rags that are used during application may burst into flames. Ensure that they are soaked in water after use". Hmmm...guess I will be using gloves for application. And a mask! Think I will throw my clothes out after soaking them in water!

Lots to do on the boat. Bottom seems to be the major issue. Looking forward to race season now. It seems much much closer now.