Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will it Sink or Swim?

Our office is laden with movie posters. The decor my partner and I agreed upon because at the time we started the company it was the cheapest way of bringing some life to the walls. In my office I have a large movie poster of my all time favorite sailing movie "Wind", a Francis Ford Coppola production. This movie has some of the best cinematography for sailors ever seen on the screen. The racing sequences are fantastic and accurate.

I am always looking for sailing footage, movies that contain sailing and action. Like "Horatio Hornblower", or "Master and Commander" and who can forget "pirates of the Caribbean". So in my searches I came across this site, which may or may not make it to the Toronto Film Festival next in 2008. You decide whether it will be worth the wait.

The working title of the film is "The Morning Light Project" and a brief synopsis is as follows:

Morning Light, a real-life adventure feature film recorded as it happens, whatever happens, will be part of next year's 44th Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii in a project led by race veteran Roy E. Disney. Based on the premise of "the youngest crew ever to sail Transpac," the film will chronicle the recruitment, training and performance of sailors as young as 18 through the next race in July of 2007. On their own, they will sail a Transpac 52 called Morning Light---the working title of the film. None will be actors. There will be no script and no preconceived outcome. Disney said, "If we do our job right, I don't care as much whether they win or lose as how they come together as a group and wind up a team in the end. However they do is how they do. But we're giving them the equipment to win."

Wonder if they will have a casting call?


Blogger Tillerman said...

I think the "casting call" was held this summer with the crew being selected from over 500 applicants.

11:00 AM  
Blogger the skip said...

Yes but there is always the sequel!

11:41 AM  
Blogger Scuttleblog said...

Yep... the ML crew has been whittled down from hundreds to the final fifteen.

Stay tuned for a report this week in Scuttlebutt about the Morning Light crew.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

They did, and a young lady who is studying astrophysics at New Mexico Institute of Technology was one of the fifteen chosen and one of only two women. Disney also intends to set a record for the youngest Transpac crew. Kate grew up on a boat out in the southeast and has sailed on our New Mexico lakes. The Thanksgiving, the Morning Light crew will be sailing on a giant Hawaiian war canoe.

1:07 PM  
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