Monday, October 09, 2006

Outhaul Issues

One thing that will be discussed and sorted out over the off-season is crew position responsibilities. Now that we have a fixed crew repetitive tasks can now be assigned. This should make the boat function smoother. I know it will help particularly rounding the leeward mark on the second upwind leg. I frequently get caught up in the dynamics of the mark rounding and do not pass along to the crew that I need outhaul, and vang on at the last minute before dousing the spinnaker. It is much easier to put outhaul on at this point then on the middle of the second leg with the wind blowing hard.

It is these repetitive tasks that will become second nature to each crew member once we sort out each positions responsibilities. I know there are resources out there and I have commented on them early in the blog. Will need to dig up those resources again and re-visit them. We should be able to go by the book now that we have make adjustments to the deck layout to bring it closer in line with other class boats.


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