Thursday, October 05, 2006

Consistently Closing the Gap

I recently commented that we did better in overall standings last year and that I was not going to get hung up on standings because it was a big year for change. I felt that we had improved all around. Our spinnaker sets, jibes and tacks were all better, smoother and faster. The overall stats did not make sense. I thought to myself that this is only our first full year of racing.

Last year we only started the in the Summer series. We spent the spring series doing drills and getting the crew up to speed enough to race. I finally saw that the club site had updated the race results so I could finally see where we stood in the frostbite series. We felt like they were all good races. Our finishes were excellent and well ahead of the usual pack.

So I went back to last season Summer series and looked at our corrected time gap from the leader in all the races, then grabbed the numbers from all the series this year. Much to my surprise I discovered a great trend. We have been consistently reducing the leader gap (corrected elapsed time) since our initial race in the summer series last year. We are at the point now where we have reduced the gap by 300%. PHRF stats are very hard to measure anything concrete but the overall trend is hard to ignore. I can honestly say we are improving quickly.


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