Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Something Smells Fishy

OK so a little off topic but have to blast this company for poor advertising targeting and overall bad judgment when it comes to their marketing practices. Some people may say that any publicity is good publicity. But any company that leaves a bad taste in your mouth with their advertising would make most people re-consider brand loyalty when purchasing.

The company that manufactures Bayliner Discovery boats...Hold on let me emphasize it again "Bayliner Discovery" so that the search engines pick up this negative comment and propagate it throughout the web, has undertaken the "unique approach" of trying to disguise their advertising campaign as a web video log of adventure. Really. They also used this key phrase in the Comment/Advertisement that was left on my blog. "Bayliner Discovery doesn't shove boats and specs at you...".

Seems to me that their advertising agency or marketing department took a wrong turn somewhere. Being in the industry, I try to dissuade my customers from disguising their real intent. Clever advertising creates a sense of intrigue not of mistrust. What comes to mind immediately when I read this copy was, they do not have enough faith in their product to sell it on it's own merits, they need to rely on cheesy tricks and deception to create interest in their product. Makes me really think about who made the decisions to run this campaign and how competent they really are. And really makes me wonder whether I would trust anything this company has to say about it's product.

Oh and by the way...Their marketers missed the boat literally, on this one. They assumed that all sailors are powerboaters. If they did a little more targeted research before blasting away aimlessly they may have realized that this blog is about sailing! Thanks for listening to my rant!


Anonymous AdriftAtSea said...

Good post. Unfortunately, they've tagged Bonnie, over at Frogma, and Sherry, over at Stay of Execution. They tried to tag my blog as well, but I have moderation turned on for first comments. :D

I can't think of a more mis-guided and ill-conceived way to market a product. Comment spam, and spam in general, is generally considered a slimy technique, and not something I'd want any company I worked for associated with. The worst part is that none of the four blogs I've seen that have either been tagged or mentioned this are power boat related. Bonnie is a kayaker, who also sails; Sherry, you and I are sailors.

2:43 PM  
Blogger the skip said...

Thanks for the support Adrift. Just as I was posting the offenders apology you rang in with your comment. I emailed Kris back and suggested he hurry his repair campaign up before it adversley affects his client.

It looks like the campaign was was directed at anything that comes within a mile of water. If there are more people out there like me he could be in for a good client-side-asshole-ripping.

Enough with the trivial stuff...let's get back to sailing and real content!

6:42 PM  
Anonymous AdriftAtSea said...

Any time... Sailing beats spam any day.

7:24 PM  

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