Monday, September 18, 2006

Frostbite Race 1

Sunday was the start of the Frostbite series. My tact for this series is to focus on trim, tuning and traveler, and try and nail down the optimum combination of the three.

Sunday called for 8 knots of wind. First thing I did was tune for 1-5 knots, not 6-10 knots as suggested in the guide. Turns out the winds were 4 knots pretty consistent with gusts up to 10 knots. So in theory the tuning was dead on.

The traveler, cranked to windward and mainsheet sheeted in tight and loosened to centerline when the gusts came up a little. The top batten for the most part was a slight bit to windward as well as the boom was slightly above centerline for the majority of the time.

Once or twice I adjusted the traveler a half inch or max inch off the windward side to see if the adjustment gave any more power.

Outhaul was on about 1.5" from the black band giving us a nice flat sail and the cunningham was on just enough to take out most of the wrinkles.

the results:

So far this seems to be a good combination. We made some good tactical moves on Sunday which may give us at minimum a 3rd place. We were second in fleet on-the-water and far enough behind some of the usuals to beat them on corrected time.

The results will not be in till next week but I know we did well. The boat was fast and felt very much in the groove. The last leg I may have made the wrong call on the spinnaker run. We were reaching with the spinnaker (almost a beam reach). The wind started creeping forward to a close. I could see the leader just ahead of us was having difficulty with his spinnaker as well on this tack so I pulled the spinnaker in and put up the jib. We lost some time against the others behind us and the leader in front. Once I found the trim and the wind settled we managed to pick up speed.

Next time I may wait till we are sure the spinnaker is at it's limits before dousing. It may give us the little extra we need to come in second.


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