Thursday, August 24, 2006

Summer Series 2006 Race 7 Results

Results and notes from Summer Series 7 are posted here.

Winds prior to race were West and shifted to North just prior to race. The course was a bit confusing. I had to get my bearings on the next mark and where the wind was coming from for the pre-race. The course was an overall beam reach to beam reach. This threw me off a bit because of all the windward, leeward class races recently.

Overall boat speed was good. We undertuned the rig and it seemed to give us extra power and speed. I also tried sailing with boom vang, outhaul and backstay off and only a little cunningham on. This also seemed to make a difference. The traveller over all was centred but occasionally in gusts I dropped it a touch and alternated between letting the main out and adjusting the traveller. I kept the boat as flat as possible and we seemed to benefit from it quite a bit.

The low point of the race was rounding the second mark. I got into a situation where there was overlap and had to give way. I was over cautious and gave too much room. When I headed up to fetch the mark I went too far into the wind and lost power.. We lost speed and I had to foot off to regain speed in order to tack. By the time we gained enough speed to clear the mark on a tack large boats were fetching the mark which I had to give way to. I ended up getting shadowed big time on the next leg.

Gaining confidence back. Next race should be a good one. Will have my head back in the game again soon. Looking forward to the Basin regatta.


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