Monday, August 21, 2006

Sad Day for Sailing Bloggers

It has come to my attention that Tillerman, the author of the premier sailing blog "proper course" is considering scuttling the blog. His post this morning mentions time for a change. I think the loss of this particular blog would have an impact sailing blogs in general. The main reason I started my blog was to help fill the void of sailing blogs out there. The community has grown since, and there the numbers are increasing but as far as quality blogs "the Proper Course" is at the top!

Many thanks TIllerman for posting. I hope you do re-consider but if not Thanks for the ride!


Blogger Tillerman said...

The news of the death of Proper Course has been greatly exaggerated (mainly by me I confess). Thanks for your kind comments. I've decided to keep Proper Course going with a somewhat different focus - a bit more like The Skips Blog actually.

8:36 AM  

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