Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Series 2006 Race 1 Results

The data and analysis for the race is posted here for the Summer Series Race 1.

Overall a good race. Looking back at the data and analyzing the race things were good. Major issues were the start sequence. The wind was medium to heavy at times and unlike class races where the course is perpendicular to the wind the line was skewed to the mark and wind so it is difficult to reach back and forth down the line to keep an eye on signals and the committee boat.

I think we may try dropping the jib and mulling around near the committee boat for the first start and time our start sequence from the second start which should be a 15 minute window. Once the timer is set in clear view of the committee boat we should be able to focus on pre-race positioning.

The first 2 legs were great and most of the third leg. The killer was the current at mark 3. I cut it too close and did not allow room for current or error. The wind died or we were shadowed and lost power to steer. Ended up trying to launch the spinnaker from the wrong side and it got tangled. It took some time to recover. But the last leg we rallied and fought back. Ended up way back in pack but a good overall effort.

I will try to post on mark roundings. Wide and tight to the mark, a good tactical rounding. I need to review and burn it into my brain. I should review with the tactitian as well so we are both on the same page when approaching the mark..


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