Thursday, July 06, 2006

Local Knowlege Pays Off

Just working on the race data sheet for Summer series race 1. Great night overall except for the last mark! Our best race boat speed and trim wise overall yet but fell short at the windward mark #3 where I tried to take the mark too tight and ended up having to tack. This shortfall caused a whole series of events with the spinnaker, which ended up putting us at the back of the pack.

Telling our story at the bar after the race seemed to get the same reaction from most of the sailors. The conversations went pretty much like this:

RACERS: "So how did you do tonight?"

US: "everything was going great till we hit mark 3. misjudged the mark and ended up drifting too close and tacked in circles to avoid it"

EACH AND EVERY RACER: "yeah been there and done that. The current on 3 is killer when there is a North wind. You have to give yourself plenty of room then extra."

Seems asthough it is common knowledge for those who have sailed the course for years. I seem to recall a couple races last year and one this year that we did the same thing. Now I have that marked burned into my brain and know there is nasty nasty current there.

Lesson learned!! (Again!) WIll post the results as soon as I can. may not be till weekend.


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