Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hard Work Pays Off

Still trying to download the gps data from last the race last night. Windows software is not happy running on a Mac! Will have the race results posted as soon as I am able.

Great race last night. The hard work and regatta practice is definitely paying off. We jumped 5 spots in one night to finish 4th. Very happy with this result. To start with we gave ourselves plenty of time at the start and started the clock at 15 minutes to our race. We followed the countdown to double check. This gave us plenty of time to get into our desired start position. We did the startline dance (more like a waltz compared to the J fleet in regattas), and managed to have and excellent windward position start.

On the upwind leg we lost a little ground on the other J. Checked and adjusted trim and boatspeed and we were able to point as well and gain ground on the other J. When they tacked over we waited and tacked to windward of them. We managed to pass to windward on a good lift. Still working this one out but top third of the course they managed to pass us. Trying to resolve whether it was a trim issue or wind issue. They managed to get good speed on us and make a bit of headway. Come to think of it there is a large hole (windshadow from geography) between 1 and 3 and seems to me that is just about where we lost ground. Not absolute on that though. We were headed towards the Black hole "marker 3" with huge current. Large swells and light winds meant we would surely get pushed to the mark. Just before tacking to the layline we had to give right away to starboard boats. Footed off early to get some speed and make the duck less of a course problem.

Tacked to the layline (with a little extra in case) and made a good rounding. The pre-feed step had a little difficulty. The spinnaker came under the jib a little and had to be corrected. The chute flew nicely and we were in clean air on the downwind leg. The downwind team worked well together to focus on speed and we made time on the other J. The other J Gybed over at mid course. Crew discussions after the race determined that it was to avoid the hole. We held our course and managed to gain a little as the wind started to pick up a bit.

We had to point high to make the finish line but we managed to cross just as we were starting to get shadowed by the rest of the fleet.

Overall an excellent race! Congrats crew. Job well done.


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