Monday, July 17, 2006

Battered, Bruised...But Not Always Beaten

Port Credit Yacht Club hosted it's Open regatta this weekend. J-24 world qualifier. I took Friday off and delivered the boat to P.C.Y.C. with a crew member. I knew the winds would be light and figured it might be a long haul. Turns out other than a small puff or two the lake was flat. The entire trip took about 6 hours in some inclimate weather.

Saturday was beautiful weather. Once the wind decided on it's course it came up nicely and filled in the entire sight line. Heavy gusts at times. We did 4 races on Saturday. Start timing was excellent. We were on the money every time. Made my job easier. There were a couple general recalls which gave us a chance to set up again.

We had our usual issues with spinnaker and mark roundings. The crew is getting better at communication and getting their head in the race a little more. I am able to concentrate on boat speed and pointing a little more. Good tactics all weekend.

The best part of the weekend was finding that other boat that had the same issues we did and be able to race competitively against them. It makes racing fun for a new crew. There is a good sense of accomplishment.

Overall an excellent weekend. Some blood, lots of bruises, sore muscles and sun exposure but overall an excellent regatta. My thanks to the crew for a fantastic effort!


Blogger Tillerman said...

Congratulations. So did you qualify for the Worlds?

Hmmm - Port Credit YC - I think that is the site of the Canadian Laser Masters in September. Is it worth the drive from New Jersey, do you think?

11:49 AM  
Blogger the skip said...

Thanks for the congrats....missed quallifying by mmmmm lots. LOL. But had a blast. The crew, still very green for the competition level did learn a ton I think. It will take time but we will get better. Best way to increase the learning curve is go up against the best!

Port Credit is a very nice club in a good location. sits just West of Toronto. From what I have researched much steadier winds then the bluffs (which is about 30-35 km away. Think it would be worth the trip. September winds are usually steady and predictable. Let me know if you end up coming in to town. Would love to sit and have a drink or two with you at PCYC.

2:21 PM  

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