Thursday, June 29, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 8 Race Results

The data and analysis for the race is posted here for the Spring Series Race 8.

We left the dock early, wanted to get a bit of tactical practice in before the race. There was wind all day up to the point when we were ready to go out. I knew the forecasts and knew there would be wind but not sure what time it would come. I saw the forecast for a dying breeze just before race time and the pick-up during race.

The 2 long blasts let us know the race was postponed for up to 45 minutes. Off in the distance I could see a large band of dark which was the wind coming in far out. The crew were not all in favour of my observations some had doubts. The wind came up in a big way and in a hurry. The cell whipped winds around 180 degrees from what was expected and some boats were caught off guard. Everyone scrambled to figure out whether to start the race on a spinnaker run or reach. I chose the reach. The wind was going to shift based on the patterns I was seeing.

In the end the reach was the correct decision. The wind on the first leg lifted about 30 degrees pushing us right to the mark. The boats that launched found themselves in a mess when the wind changed. You could see some of the spinnakers collapsing and crew scrambling to try and raise the jibs.

The NOOD regatta, definitely made an overall improvement for our boat speed. We were neck in neck with our competing J-24 in the fleet at the first mark and halfway to the second. We lost ground when we got caught in some dirty air and did not tack below to find clean air. I have written about the importance of finding clean air. I got caught up in the boat to boat excitement instead of focusing on the overall tactic of clean air. Lesson to be learned.

The overall standings came out last night. Gray Jay was 7th overall. We did not compete in the Spring Series but overall last year we were 5th. Chalk it up to a learning curve and new techniques. The Summer series I am hoping to start crawling up the standings.


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The link to the race data is giving a 404.

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Blogger the skip said...

My bad...sorry! Fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

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