Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 6 preparation Stage 1

The forecast is predicting some good winds for tomorrow's race. Initial indications are a persistent shift from ENE to NNE over course of 3 hrs during the race. If the model is correct then the winds should reach about 10.25 knots or higher. Wind gusts will most likely be a factor as well.

Lots of wind the last couple of days and there is a large weather system to the south (Florida) passing up the East coast which could bring a bit of residual wind and weather this way for tomorrow as well.

Tactics tomorrow should be medium air tactics. Focusing on the start and the upwind beat. I think the course will be (orgin 1) 3:1:3:1.

With the wind at this angle it would be wise to head down farther towards the bluffs before tacking over to the mark. From previous races (like last week) it is apparent there is more wind compression and pressure closer to the bluffs.


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