Thursday, June 08, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 5 Race Results

The data and analysis for the race is posted here for the Spring Series Race 5.

The wind was a dying breeze and light at that. Initial reports indicated that the breeze would die down around 8:00 pm. A later forecast said the winds would hold steady through the race. Sometimes first instincts are always the best.

Speaking of which...heading out onto the course I constantly check the windex to see where the wind is coming from and periodically go head to wind to check the true wind angle just to see what is going on. All the way out last night I kept telling myself it was a 2:1:2:1 race based on the wind. Last year I was right the majority of the time and would be the first ones around the mark setting up.

We got out to mark number one and watched as the committee boat set up in a very awkward fashion. I could not quite put my finger on what they were doing. The course was set 3:1:3:1 and we proceeded to race the course (let's just say it was not one we want for the books. Pretty much went bad from the start. At least it is out of our system and we can't get any worse then that...only better!).

Looking over the race data and wind data and plotting it in my race notes diagram it is very apparent that the course should have been a 2:1:2:1 course. My instincts were correct. The last leg on the diagram shows a huge shift to 0 degrees. i did not put the windshift arrow on.

Let me know what you think, should the course have been a 2:1:2:1?.


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