Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 4 Race Results (not!!)

Turns out the race was cancelled yet again. The storms started pretty much as predicted about 5:00 pm. There were large storm cells that brought tornado watches to Surrounding Toronto areas. The cells were rumbling and flashing on the bluffs behind us as we prepped the boat to go out. Once the race was cancelled, and the rain cleared it looked as though it was safe to head out for a sail (since the boat was rigged any way why not!).

Got out into the lake and watched as a rather large cell started heading towards us spitting large bolts of lightning into the lake. We kept a close eye on and caught some good wind on the fringe of the cell for about 15 minutes.

Storm passed and so did the wind. Motored in to shore and hit the clubhouse.

There is always next Wednesday!


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