Monday, June 19, 2006

NOOD Regatta preparation

Had the opportunity to take Saturday as a "Fathers Day" bonus. I was able to get down to the boat early and do some needed work on the boat in prep for the regatta.

I moved the winches forward, which were set way too far back near the traveler bar to effectively tack. Filled in many of the left over holes. Tried to pick up the new windward sheeting car for the traveler (West Marine seems to have lost a skid, with the shipment on it!).

The wind on Saturday was fantastic. Best sail of the season so far. Big gusts approaching 40km. Biggest problem was the stays. I have not been tuning the rig weekly as I usually do (mostly due to lack of wind). The upper shrouds worked their way loose with the increased loads on the mast. Had to drop sails and tighten and tune rig on the water.

Got about 7-8 hrs of heavy sailing in before heading in for night. Heading to the NOOD regatta, Toronto this weekend. It will be our first class event. Not expecting fantastic results but looking forward to it as an entry into the class racing circuit.

I will be sailing the boat down to The National Yacht Club on Thursday. Planning the trip over. Prelim indications is light winds for the trip so it could take somewhere around 4-5 hrs to get there. I have to make it by 7:00 pm in order to meet the registration deadlines. Filing forms etc...

The weather outlook is good for Wednesday and weekend.


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