Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spring Series Race 2... Rained Out

I got down at the boat at 2:00 pm. Started my prep. Skies were still relatively clear; there was some cloud cover coming in but nothing to worry about. Had one of the crew help me up the mast to fix the broken windex. Back to the dock and waited for more crew before we started hanking on the sails and flaking the spinnaker.

Huge downpour started about 4:30 and lasted till about 6:50 (race time) lightning all around. I kept watching the wind. The storm was coming from the Northwest, but all the forecast predicted Southwest winds. To the Southwest....clear skies. So I waited and Waited. Finally we got the word the race was cancelled.

The crew was anxious to get on the water and at least have a go at a sail if there was no race. I was cautious because of the lightning. It had stopped raining for a good 1/2 hr. The skies looked good from the wind direction and now I could see a little bit of wind on the water so decided to go out.

Within 1/2 hour of getting on the water the winds picked up to about 15 knots...skies cleared and the winds continued to increase to about 25 knots. We did some drills around Mark 1 and called it a night after having an awesome sail.


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