Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 3 Race Results

Just finished the race results and analysis for last night. Added a few more graphs and changed some of the data around to work a bit better and more concise.

An excellent effort by all crew. This was the first race of the season and with a crew that had not raced together yet. I will mention the mantra that I tried to express last night. Sailboat races are won by the crew that makes the least mistakes. All crew...Even skippers...Make mistakes. The key is quick recovery. Last night we made more mistakes then the winning boats, but overall we had a super race. Excellent start and awesome first leg. If the course was not shortened and the wind held we may have been able to make some more ground and place better...But there is always next week!

I think I have refined my pre-race data gathering sources. I am finding Wunderground as an invaluable source.

Biggest issue last night was knowing where the mark is or the next mark. I found that we spent the majority of the legs with everyone in the boat straining to try and find sight of the mark. It was not a course that is sailed often. From what I am piecing together (local knowledge gathering) the course usually occurs late summer and early spring races. Lucky if the course is run twice in a year.

The solution to the problem is to create a "plot the mark" day and go for a pleasure cruise and plot the marks into the handheld GPS. This, albeit the easy way out, is a backup solution. I will create a version of the on-board laminated course that includes relative bearings to each mark from each mark. This will quickly get us a rough bearing to follow instead of blindly following the pack and hoping to catch site of the mark.

Couple of technology challenges last night. New equipment, mast position altered and some minor modifications on the boat over the winter coupled with having to shake off the off-season dust made it challenging. Good to be back on the water.


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