Monday, May 15, 2006

Spring Series 2006 Race 2 preparation Stage 2

The winds have been fairly steady and blowing nicely. My second weather check looks pretty ugly for Wednesday.... Reports 60% chance of rain and winds W. 15km/h. Accuweather reports "Clouds and sunshine with a shower; breezy. Winds from the WSW at 16 kph." I need to find out which forecaster is more accurate this year. Last year there were way too many differences in the basic forecast.

The mast is now up and tuned. We moved the mast to back to the J-dimension of 111 5/16th inch measurement (from the North sails tunign guide). Once completed we to k the boat out and tested everything under load and all seemed fine. Gray Jay survived the first winter in my hands. Nice to know! It is nice to know that each one of my ziploc baggies with written instructions was empty and there were none left over!! I hate spare parts!

All is good. The windex was damaged during the mast hoisting and the new traveller has been ordered. I don't think it will be in before Wednesday but hopefully it will.

I will check wind again and see if there is a better forecast tomorrow.


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