Monday, April 10, 2006

What A Difference 180 Days Makes

Yahoo podcasts (beta format) is gearing up to dominate the podcasting market by providing a very comprehensive search engine. In November 2005, one of my frequently visited sailing sites Seadated began podcasting. Back then there was only one other sailing podcast that I could find through itunes (furled sails).

Yesterday I did a quick search on Yahoo to see what I could find. My first search was a simple "sail" keyword search. It surprisingly yielded some great results both video and audio podcasts. The first entry was "The Captain Humphreys Video Blog". I have to say it was not exactly what I thought it would be. I will give it another try when the next episode comes out but quickly stopped watching it.

Full Sail Radio caught my attention and I listened to it for a bit. The segment had a great intro to racing for the novice. Thought it was well done. I look forward to future podcasts. I did some other searches as well with racing in the keyword mix and came up with some others. I was surprised to find the Volvo Ocean Race has a podcast.

Turning my attention to itunes I quickly checked out what was available. To my surprise there was a good number as well. Some of them were the same found on yahoo but the point here is that the content is growing. You never know maybe a video podcast of The Skips Blog is in order.


Anonymous seadated said...

maybe one day I'll get back into that podcasting spirit. for now, I lack the creativity needed to pull it off.

11:37 PM  

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