Thursday, April 06, 2006

Crisp, and Clean

Received the new Spinnaker today. I bought it online from North Sails and have to say that it is in immaculate condition. It was a grade 10 of 10 sail and is in perfect condition. From the looks of the sail it has not been even flaked to fly yet!

Can't wait to get fly it! I will be going down to the boat this weekend to open it up and do an inspection. The winter was not that hard so I don't expect any surprises.

I was at the club last night to attend the Basin Race Committee meeting (along with the Club Race Committee that I joined as well). Overall joining the committee has given me a few insights into the regatta and overall planning of the season. It has also given me a inside look into some of the problems that they encounter when timing. Should have a post or two in the near future.

I need to create a checklist and prep list for the season. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow.


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