Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Year of Racing Begins

Just want to say sorry to all those readers who visit the Skips blog and have found no new posts for quite some time. While sailing is always on my mind I guess the cold weather got to me and I did what most Canadians do in cold weather...hibernate.

The new (sort of) spinnaker will arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I went with North Sails certified used sails for this year. The main is in great shape other than a tiny rip in the window which I will have fixed shortly.

Just itching to get down to the boat and start the prep work for the year. Have a lot to do. Posts will be slow to start as I slowly gear up for the season. Snow today...so that sort puts a damper on things. Hopefully the weekend will be good. Only a few weeks to launch. Again thanks to those who have been reading. Look for quite a few posts during the racing season.

To all those who are racing as well. Good luck this year and lets hope it is a windy one. I should make a note to check out if there are any long range forecasts for the summer temperatures, winds, weather trends that may have surfaced over the winter months.


Blogger Tillerman said...

Welcome back.

12:51 PM  
Blogger the skip said...

Thanks... think I have hibernated enough! Still snowing here though. Looking forward to a good year. Must be nice to be able to sail for most of the winter!

9:43 PM  

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