Monday, January 02, 2006

North U Trim

Mentioned a while back, after posting bits and pieces of Bill Gladstone's North U course material, that I was going to purchase the course material in full form and review it. Well Santa brought me the North U Trim Guide this year.

Most of the stuff I have read from Bill Gladstone has been extremely useful and packed with strategy and technique. But I have to say I am a little disappointed right now. I am about a third of the way through the first of two CD's. As I popped the CD into my Mac running OSX, that's right, the publishers of the CD had enough foresight and courtesy to offer the material in an OSX compatible format (which is not difficult given the multimedia software apps that are available in today's production houses) the menu appeared with a great preview of the content.

This is where it starts to fall apart. Now I may be a little bias here because I have spent a good part of my life developing material and presentations for corporate clients but what I saw on the CD hardly uses the media to it's advantage.

If you have ever sat through a really poor Powerpoint presentation then you can sympathize. The animation (a couple boats crossing each other used over and over) has no bearing on the information, the voice over really is poor quality and badly written and read (sorry Bill) and the actual content is primarily contained in the voice over with very little text support to re-enforce or visuals to explain. The video clips on the CD are small and poor quality. The clips play after the voice over is finished and the clips themselves are not shot for the CD but rather a dropped in to give the CD the illusion of multimedia.

I will continue to view the entire contents of both CD's and do so once or twice again to make sure I have given it a proper review and will report back again on my final findings. But right now I would hold off purchasing the CD set and concentrate on the paperback version. Seadated informed me that the book is a better buy and I am believing it right now!


Blogger EVK4 said...

I'm planning on getting the book but would like to read your review if you've bought it already. Thanks for the heads-up on the CD.

Speaking of OSX, I get about 30% of my hits from Macs, much higher than their marketshare, do you get the same thing? And yes, this was written on an iMac. Go the Apple.

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