Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Reality Bites

Yes I have been back for a bit now and have not posted. (Thanks for the prod Seadated!). I have been procrastinating and trying to juice the holiday for everything I could. The trip was fantastic! I enjoyed every bit of it. It took three days to unwind and get into the Jamaican groove. I think what really happened is that after three days of heavy partying I finally realized I had a hangover and knew it was time to sit on the beach motionless for the majority of the day.

It took a few days to try and arrange getting sunfish to sail around on. Everyone wanted to rent us the large 60ft catamaran complete with captain and drinks, but I wanted a small cat or sunfish.

We finally made a deal with an all inclusive near Hedonism (sidenote: some people are not meant to be naked in public, no matter how much they desire to be so!) It took a bit of wrangling but we did get a deal on them. We sailed them back to our hotel that afternoon which went on into the night (took about 2.5 hours to sail back with building breeze).

The next 2 days (which was how long we had rented the sunfish for) turned out to be windless days. Seems as though it is either really windy in Jamaica or no wind. We gave up on the sunfish (no wind? What do we do now? Drink!!!). The tropical depression came in very quickly without much warning. Nobody was on the water at all and no one was willing to rent us a sailboat given the conditions (probably the best since I was the only one who knew how to sail!) )Waves and wind were very heavy. Much erosion on the beaches. Have some great pics which I will post. We never ended up renting any other boats the entire vacation. Spent many nice evenings enjoying friends and great dinners. Spent most other days in the sunshine drinking on the beach.

The trip home was ugly and cold. The temp hit negative double digits (Celsius) last week so I think I was also suffering from the blahs!

Anyway just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know I did not get imprisoned in Jamaica, or purposely miss my flight and decide to make Jamaica my permanent residence. Missed my kids and was glad to get home to see them. Playing major catch up now (the joys of owning a business!), and a little procrastination (also the joys of owning a business!).

I will get back on the positing bandwagon shortly when I catch up. Here is another pic of the view from our balcony. When find a suitable web photo album I will post more.


Anonymous seadated said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good time. I'll look forward to seeing some more pictures. By the way (hehehe) I have a suggestion for you. In case you haven't been by Seadated in a while, (it's ok, I will forgive you) check out this post. I keep banging the Flickr drum so much that you'd think I had some interest in the company. Well, I don't they just provide a wonderful service.

Anyway, glad you're not in a Jamaican prison or anything, and I'll look forward to some more activity over here... (and maybe a new Flickr photostream to check out?) Oh, that reminds me! lol They have a sweet little plugin for iPhoto that lets you do batch uploads right from there, and tag all of the photos and add titles, descriptions, etc. They also have a regular upload tool that you can drag photos from finder, mail, or wherever, into it, and do batch uploading... I swear, I don't own any Yahoo stock! :(

1:55 PM  
Blogger the skip said...

Hey Seadated, got flickr and the plug ins (great for mac!)...managed to max out my uploads for the month in one fell swoop. Did not even get to finish my album upload. Guess I will have to wait till next month and downsample my shots. Won't see many of me in them as I was the one always behind the camera! But some nice shots all the same. Stay tuned and will let you know when they are up in flickr.

3:13 PM  
Blogger EVK4 said...

I just found out last night that the newest iPhoto has a shutterfly export tool even though it's a competitor to apple's own photo printing service.

As to what to do with no wind in a sunfish.....scull.

10:31 AM  

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