Monday, December 12, 2005

Budget Time

In the process of reviewing the state of the Gray jay and preparing to set up a budget for repairs and "sail fast" modifications. The preliminary budget is about 10K. First on the list is to find a suitable class sanctioned spinnaker. Not sure yet whether to go to a sail maker or try to find a "used regatta sail" (I have seen some in the past that are "used once" and then sold). I will have to seriously check them out.

The traveller needs new cams or a replacement windward sheeting car so I am looking into those as well. The main has a small tear in the plastic window so I need to get that repaired as well. One item that is on the must have for gadgets is a digital compass that will display headers and lifts and count down the start (in large display numbers). I am getting ready to do some class racing now with a year under my belt in this boat club racing. Promises to be an eventful season full of colourful language and lots of learning. Looking forward to it!

Some of the go fast mods on my wish list are faired keel and new rudder. The next step is to set up priority maintenance vs. speed spreadsheet and start the process of pro and cons.

Will post my thoughts and get some feedback from all of you!


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