Sunday, November 13, 2005

Virtual Spectator

Had the opportunity to load up Virtual Spectator for the Volvo Ocean Race. What a great way of including fans in the action. The telemetry data is amazing and the graphics give you a great sense of the overall race. Checked this morning and two of the boats had to turn back to port suffering damage. I was able to log on and watch as one of the boats tacked back and forth as if out of control and then go through the weather data, boat speed, VMG and other data to see what was going on.

Big kudos to the Volvo Ocean race and Virtual Spectator, and the sponsors who paid for us to be able to view the race in detail for free. Almost (not quite but almost) would make getting a PC worthwhile. I hope in the future the producers of Virtual Spectator will take into account the Macintosh community.


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