Saturday, November 05, 2005

Somewhat Live or Memorex

Live: (or at least taped, digitized and put up for streaming)
Canada, unfortunately, does not have as large a sailing community as Europe. The major networks favour the major sports (hey...Business is Business). With broadband expanding to the point of video-on-demand service, we are getting closer and closer to the concept of the sailing channel, web tv on demand. For now though here are a few resources that will help those cope with a lack of sail coverage., broadband, subscription based video, as well as a free section with good video tips. As they put it: "From major sailing regattas, throughout the US and Caribbean, to sailing destinations, to the sailors, the boats and the sport, covers it all with same day coverage for major regattas. With over 50 features and 100 shows including events, news, interviews, and destinations, is the place to see sailing.", an excellent idea. Nice interface. Very similar to But from what I can see it has up to 2004, but has not been updated since (...not sure what happened there?)

Adventures Online, more up-to-date then, has some laser events and cat event coverage.

For those who prefer to make their own reality and command the seas in the safety of their desk, there is Virtual Skipper 4, coming soon. Great graphics....Most likely will not be available for the mac and from experience (version 3) will not work with virtual PC. May have to buy a PC laptop for this one!


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Thanks for the link. I "borrowed" it from you for my links section. Your posts have made for some good reading, thanks!

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