Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Start | Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking inside this box will help you mentally get an idea of your pre-start strategic area...the space you want to concentrate you efforts on when in pre-race maneuvers.

Picture an imaginary box (that can be expanded or contracted depending on wind strength) that is based on the starting line and extends outward from the centre past the pin and RC ends, and extends depth wise below the line (see this diagram It's all here for you). This is your starting box.

Your chances of a good start will increase if you focus your pre-race maneuvers within this box. In light winds, ten boatlengths out, if you tack or jibe to try and gain a windward advantage, chances are you will have lost whatever advantage you may have had by the time you get within the 2 boatlength box.

The general rule is lighter and dying breezes, stick closer to the line...Heavier and building breezes head farther out to gain and maintain speed and maneuverability.

When in heavier breezes drop your jib while waiting in the box or until early in the pre-race maneuver stage to avoid over taking and jibing and tiring out the crew. Raise the jib 10 minutes before your start. That way if you are on 5 minute starts you have time to correct and trim accord to wind conditions.

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