Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Start | Starting Strategies : Resources

As promised here is an brief list of resources on the net that pertain to starting strategies. Hope they help. I compare starting strategies in sailing to the game of learning the opening moves you can usally predict what your opponent's next move will be so I will be studying them and watching for them on the race course.

I will be continually searching for more, look for another post on resources later when I have exhausted my ideas for posts on starts.

Performance Racing Tactics : Bill Gladestone
Starts are one of the most exciting and challenging parts of any race. To succeed amidst the chaos we will firsts need a starting plan. Then we will need to execute the plan despite all the distractions.

Port-Tack Starts Zack Leonard
With less than 50 seconds to go before the start of the fourth race of the 1996 Tornado Worlds, I was starting to feel a little nervous. It wasn't the normal pre-race jitters. Myself and two American teammates—Johnny Lovell and Lars Guck—were all luffing on port tack, two boatlengths below the pin end of the line. Collectively, we were wondering why the whole fleet was bunched up at the boat end of the line on starboard almost 100 yards away.

Tactics and Strategy of Gate Starts : Michael Goldstein
Michael Goldstein asked the 505world-list e-mail list about gate starts. Here are some collected responses.

Tactics and Strategy Scott Nixon
Strategy is determined by how you play the wind, waves and current on the racecourse. It is basically how you sail your boat around the course.

Tactics are determined by how you sail your boat according to the other moves of the fleet and how you deal with the competition on the racecourse

Adapting from the Match Race Crowd : Dean Brenner
Since the Olympic Trials in June of 2000, I have focused the majority of my sailing efforts on match racing and team racing, rather than fleet racing. In addition to being a ton of fun, both these disciplines require more emphasis on boat-to-boat tactics, rather than big-picture strategy.

Win The Pin with Match Racing Moves : Betsy Alison
If the pin is favored, many sailors will jockey for the perfect pin start. The ability to leg out on starboard below the fleet or to tack and cross the competition is an advantage worth fighting for.

Pre-Start Strategy: Know the Laylines to the Starting Line Andrew Kerr
You are reaching around the starting line- 12 minutes to the gun. The line is set and unrestricted. What to do? A very useful routine to develop that is widely used by match racers is to define the laylines on a closehauled course to both ends of the line.

Starting and Finishing: Olympic Games 1996
With half an hour to the start continue taking wind bearings and familiarise yourself with the conditions of the day by doing practice beats with other boats. Make sure you have the correct settings for the conditions and do not start making major alterations to your rig unless you have tried them before.

How to Carve Out Your Spot On the Line David Dellenbaugh
No matter what kind of boat you sail or what the conditions are like, there are some basic things you need to do well in order to get consistently good starts. First, you have to decide where you want to start on the line. Second, you must have some reliable way of knowing where the line is. Beyond this, you need a bunch of good boat-on-boat tactics to help you carve out your spot on the line and stay in control of your start. Here are some moves you should consider:

How to Take Your Competitor Head-to-Wind
With good positioning, taking your competitor head-to-wind can be an effective pre-start strategy.

Racing Practice - Starting Drills (taken from a note on the
Practice drills for sharpening skills, individual and team drills.


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