Monday, October 10, 2005

The Start | Starting Strategies : Maintaining Speed

There are instances when you will want to or are forced to arrive at the line early, heading straight for the line at full speed. Your options are to either walk the line and head way down the line, cross early and immediately try to redeem yourself or use power "S" turns. The power "S" turns allows you to maintain close to full speed while eating away seconds till the start. While on a reach paralell to the line head to wind for a brief moment. (careful not to get too close, you don't want to stall or cross to the opposite tack or loose too much speed.) Then come quickly back to your Starboard (or port) reach approach.

Using this technique you can maintain speed while going through a series of "S" turns and approaching the line. This technique works well in heavier winds where fleets sometimes set up long reach lines back and forth to the line. You can break out of the pattern early and get a great clean air start.


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