Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Start | Starting Strategies : High and Outside

On the start line I like to try and do everything to get the windward position off the start. The few times we did not get the windward advantage we got killed by shadow from other boats. Clean air is king.

This animation demonstrates taking the high approach to head towards the right side of the course and dip in at the last minute to gain the windward advantage while competitors are reaching back and forth walking the line. It is risky due to the fact that you leave yourself open to being pinched near the committee boat but if timed correctly against your competitors tacks you can get in front and stay in front.

The timing of this maneuver is to be on your competitors leeward quarter and wait till they make the first tack to make your break high. Chances are if they if they break before the committee boat they will continue reaching till they get far enough out to make the final starboard run to the line.

The next few posts will explore some different starting techniques, positions and tactics.


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