Monday, October 24, 2005

The Start | Starting Strategies : Consistency

In this article by Greg Fisher, Racers' Edge he defines the goal of consistency in starts as a winning strategy. His article focuses on choosing a start approach and consistently using it during starts so that it becomes "mechanical" and second nature. While very good advice, I personally think it becomes a bit predictable in club PHRF racing, but may have distinct advantages in class racing where the competition is not always the same group on the line.

This article and many other class articles I have read also discuss the "luffing on the line" strategy during starting. That strategy is difficult to achieve in a large fleet with 5 different starts 5 minutes apart. I have not actually seen anyone start that way in any of the races I have competed in. I am hoping to start class racing next year and I assume I will encounter this start strategy more frequently.

The article covers basic overall strategies for starting and offers some very informative viewpoints on the different phases of the start. My philosophy is you can never have enough information and viewpoints.


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