Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Season Finale

Well the forecast was not exactly on the button again. Called for South 10 kt winds backing to East in the Afternoon. When we arrived the winds were around 3-5 kts at most and the wind was Northeast 60 deg. true. Not exactly what I was expecting on the way down but quickly changed gears and worked on a new tactic.

Tuned the rig for 6-9 kts and seems as though it was right on the money. Our race we figured now was a 3:1:3:1 race starting at 1. We were correct in our assumptions. Our pre race planning was good. Decided that windward boat at RC was where we wanted to start and port tack was favoured to the first mark. We tacked reached and jibed to achieve our starting position and it was on the money.

Our plan was to tack early and take the port tack to the layline. This strategy worked well. All in all the race was great. The crew truly worked well together and all the tacks and jibes were great. Launches were smooth and right on time. Excellent effort all around by the crew.

On the last downwind leg I made a call to jibe soon after rounding the mark on a bear-away set. The on the way up the wind seemed stronger on the high side. I felt it would be a good move to stay on the same side on the downwind since the wind was extremely patchy today.

Not sure if that call was the best, it was the slower jibe and we eventually jibed back to avoid our competition catching up to us any quicker. Seems they can all seem to sail more on a run than we can. Most likely the shadow of our main and their high spinnaker poles. Anyway we lost some ground on the final leg after a great overall race. Our finish was neck in neck with Miramachi (our division but we have to give them time).

All in all a fantastic last race for the season. Check out the race notes in the sidebar or download here.


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