Sunday, October 16, 2005

Performance Racing Tactics

Much of my blog is dedicated to tactics and strategy. It goes hand in hand with boat handling and is the key, I think, to gaining the winning edge and consistently finishing in the top. The more I search on the net for tactics and strategy the more I realize that there is not a lot out there.

What I do find I will post and hopefully this site will save many hours of trudging through endless searches. So far Gary Jobson's book Championship Sailing has been a valuable source of concise and centrally located information.

I have been finding quite a few articles by Bill Gladstone online as well. He has a number of books available at Amazon, one I particular that I believe these articles are from Performance Racing Tactics.

If I can get my hands on this book I will let you know how it is. Have a feeling it will be good. The articles seem to go into quite a bit of detail and have accompanying illustration as a visual aid.


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