Friday, October 21, 2005

Life on the Proper Course

I want to thank Tillerman and Proper Course for the positive feedback about the Skips Blog. In a recent post, Tillerman mentions one of my current additions "Thinking Inside the Box" and refers to the originality of the method. The method is not mine to take credit for, it was acquired during in-class instructions. Which brings me around to the Proper Course.

My many thanks go out to Tillerman for taking up the rewarding task of instilling knowledge and helping develop and mould the raw passion for the sport of sailing in the generations of kids that he has taught (including his own). There is no better way to make use of knowledge then to share it, and no one better to share it with then children. Tillerman has been sailing and racing for much longer than I have and is a veteran at the sport. He is a Laser and Sunfish sailor and racer and has a passion for sailing and a craving for knowledge about sailing similar to mine.

I have two children (3 and 6), who I hope, will develop the overwhelming bug for sailing that I have. I have much to learn from Tillerman and the Proper Course, among the not to turn your kids off of sailing or get in the way of sailing instruction (some great anecdotes by the way).

The blog Proper Course has been on my blog list of sailing blogs from the start. My hope is that like him, I will be able to contribute to the success of someone, somewhere; even if it is just in some small way, it will be worth it. Nothing makes a better sailor and better racing then better competition.

Tillerman writing style is earnest and casual. Posts are anecdotal and interlaced with personal insights, opinions and stories which cover many topics but always display his passion for sailing. One day I too hope to "Live Slow and Sail Fast"!

Please visit the Proper Course blog. This well written blog is definitely time well spent. He has had a short hiatus, but seems to be back up and writing now. Welcome back and looking forward to your posts.


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