Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Big Shout Out

Just want to thank the crew of Gray Jay for a fantastic season of racing. The crew really worked hard all year. We missed the Spring Series and really have only raced in the Summer and Frostbite series to date as a crew...but they are no longer a green crew. They have all individually performed brilliantly over the season.

We now have a solid foundation to start with for next season and now it can only get better. Looking forward to stepping it up a notch for Spring 2006.

As I said in my earlier posts...I will be continually updating the blog and refining my tactics and strategy over the winter. I am planning on a little holiday to a nice sunny island in a month and a bit. Plan to do some match racing and brush up on dinghy racing mano a mano.

Thanks again crew!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And thank you too for some great sailing and a wholelotta fun.

1:06 PM  

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