Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Against the Grain

Gathering resources and sites today to compile a comprehensive list of links to articles on starts and strategies. Next post will be about offbeat starts; reaching and running starts. Although they are not the norm they do occur in club racing. I think it was our first race, (first race of the season...boat and as a crew) the last race in the 2005 Spring Series (Unfortunately I did not make notes of this race). The wind shifted 180 deg. as we were waiting for the start and we ended up on starting on a run. I started the race on a broad reach while the remainder of the division flew spinnaker. We managed to get a good jump in front at the RC boat. We had not yet flown the spinnaker in a race, and encountered quite a few problems during the launch and fell to the back of the pack by the time we had the spinnaker flying.

The biggest problem we encountered was confusion. We were not prepared mentally or physically for a reach or run start. Again it is one of those mistakes you only make once.

I have a good list of resources now on starts which I will share with you shortly. Links to articles by a number of top sailors.
Each article is in-depth and has different tactics and strategies that you can practice and implement. They all follow the golden principles of clean air, good position and strategy off the start. Hope you will find them as informative as I have. Stay tuned for the post.


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