Thursday, September 01, 2005

Windward Sheeting

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Windward sheeting for a trimmer allows him/her to benefit from viewing the genoa from a perfect vantage point in order to set the trim during a tack.

When windward sheeting the trimmer while in the pit, wraps the genoa sheet around the opposite winch, or the new windward side after the tack. If the boat is on a starboard tack the port genoa sheet would be wrapped around the starboard winch.

This process allows the trimmer to get low and close on the new genoa side and get a great look at the sail trim as he/she trims in on the new tack. Once the trimmer is satisfied with the trim they jump up on the starboard rail with the sheet in hand. The helmsman can then put the last few turns on the winch if necessary.

The trimmer can then keep the weight to the rail and ease or sheet the genoa when necessary. It is a little confusing at first if you are used to sheeting the normal way, but once you begin to windward sheet you will see how beneficial it is.


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