Thursday, September 01, 2005

Remnants of Katrina

Practice day on the water with the crew to sharpen our game for the up-coming regatta. Very different weather today on the lake. The wind was 15-20 kts with sustained gusts of up to 35 kts. The wind was from the Northeast backing to Northwest. The wind was shifting through about 70-80 degrees.

The rig was tuned for 18-20 kts upper stays were 27 lowers stays 24. Rig tuning seemed to be good. Not sure if I should have tuned for gusts or not. Pointing was good and sail shape was good as well.

7 foot swells were coming in from the South while white caps and chop was coming in from the North. Made for a tricky time on the water. We put up the blade jib and the boat was quite stable. The backstay was cranked down as tight as I could.

There were only a few of us on the water last night. During one big puff the tiller extension broke. There were only 2 tiny screws holding it in. I will be drilling the holes right through the tiller and bolting them tight so it does not happen again.

We planned to do mark rounding drills and spinnaker sets but I decided it was too risky. The trimmer had not flown spinnaker yet and this was probably not the way to introduce him to it. The foredeck was new and gybing would have been tense under those conditions. Will re-schedule the drills for next Wednesday. All in all a nice sail though.


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