Monday, September 12, 2005

Regatta 2005 Comments

The wind gods looked down on us for the Basin Open Regatta of 2005. The Committee boat however was not in their favour. We were on the water for a 10:10 am start. Apparently the committee boat had issues with the radio. We assumed the course to be 3:1:3:1 as soon as we got out on the water. The fleet however seemed to be unsure and hung about towards marker number 2 for quite awhile. The go ahead was given around 11:45 for start. wind was brisk at about 13-15 knots consistely with gusts of probably 18 kts.

Our first race was a bust. Many little problems contributed to an overall loss of time that put us in the back of the pack for the finish. Tangled spinnaker, jib sheets that were caught under spinnaker pole. All in all one of the worst races this year.

However the second race was a triumphant least until the last leg. We took a low course off the start. Reviewing the race logs now I am assuming that ther was a wind increasing effect from the NE winds channeling along the bluffs. I will mentally be aware of this and test the theory on NE winds in the future. I know we managed a good reace but I do not have the results back yet.


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