Monday, September 19, 2005

Frostbite Stings

Very painful race on Sunday (see race notes). Good wind though, and learned a few important lessons and confirmed a few theories, so all was not lost.

Primarily as noted in an earlier post, we need to practice the windward takedown and other drills that are not normally used but very useful tactically if the crew know how to do them properly.

I also confirmed that on heavier wind days the angle of the spinnaker is better at 50-60 degrees instead of closer to the head stay. I pointed the boat closer to the mark and did not reach as much. Overall I will be more aware of my pointing on downwind legs and make sure I am not sacrificing speed for distance.

Another major lesson is check conditions as we reach the channel and if re-tuning the rig is necessary do it before the sails are up. The forecast was for extremely light winds. At dock there was hardly any wind movement. I tuned the rig as light as I could anticipating less than 5 knt winds. Turned out to be gusty ant 10-13 knots.

And one final lesson is prepare the crew for all types of maneuvers. You never know when you will need them.


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