Monday, September 12, 2005

Downwind Angles

Looking back at the regatta notes I began to wonder if I sailed too high in the downwind legs. This prompted me to find out what the best sailing angles are for the downwind legs and flying the spinnaker.

A general rule of thumb is higher in the lighter winds and lower in the heavier winds. I have experienced the effect of sailing to close to Dead downwind. The J24 is extremely unstable. I was reaching during the regatta in 12-15 kt winds. The pole varied from 10-30 inches from the headstay (5 deg.-10 deg from the bow). My thinking is to develop some charts on spinnaker angles vs speed and windspeed. This should give me a benchmark for determining what is the best angles under different conditions. I found this article online, the author from Jworld which was helpful. This pdf from Boston Harbour Sailing School was also useful.

When I get the data together it will be posted. May not be till next season.


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