Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

I am starting to benefit from creating notes and diagrams based on my interpretation of the races. I can see some patterns starting to emerge that will eventually become an advantage in future races. Looking back at the recent regatta races and crunching the data it looks as though when we were on the lower part of the course we had better wind and seemed to gain ground.

My theory is that when the winds are from the NE at 80 degrees they funnel along the bluffs and create a wind tunnel effect increasing the velocity. I need see if this theory holds any water of course but the very act of analyzing the race and keeping a log is a very useful tool. From the data I have kept I can assume that on 3:1:3:1 courses it may be better to go to the left of the course on upwind and right on downwind for more wind.

Weather patterns and cycles tend to repeat so having a log of races can only help. It is a good exercise to objectively analyze your race and see where mistakes were made or where advantages were gained.


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