Saturday, August 27, 2005

Who Goes Where

I have re-organized the crew and assigned new tasks to each member based on a 4 man crew. This is the first version of the crew positions and responsibilities. I will be using this as a basis and revising it throughout the Frostbite Series of Races in preparation for next years season.

position:on bow on downwind, upwind on rail tacks on rail

  • start of race: calling boats (sail numbers)

  • upwind: on rail for ballast, help with boom vang, cunnignham outhaul and jib halyard tension

  • mark rounding: setting spinnaker pole, raising spinnaker halyard

  • downwind: gybing spinnaker pole and pole takedown and dropping spinnaker halyard

  • all other times: ballast on rail or mid boat.

Tactitian and Tailer
position:in companionway at start, upwind on rail downwind on rail when not adjusting

  • start of race: flag identification and time start. track boats in our division and formulate strategy for upwind

  • upwind: tail for trimmer on tacks, assist with main traveller on tacks call to mark wind data to trimmer, look and call puffs, analyze wind shifts based on trimmer data and formulate strategy for upwind and downwind tactics

  • mark rounding: call course and mark rounding, check for overlap of other boats and determine our position and rights of way

  • Downwind: pre-feed spinnaker, twing adjustments release boom vang and cunningham and outhaul, Jib halyard release

  • haul in spinnaker on douse

position: in the pit and on rail when not trimming

  • start of race: assist in tacks and gybes, mark wind data

  • upwind: tacking and trimming of jib/Genoa

  • downwind: trim spinnaker

position: just above traveller

  • start of race call the tacks and gybes

  • upwind: helm and trim main, consult with tactician

  • downwind helm and trim ,main consult with tactician

gray jay at dock

Gray Jay at the dock and rigged for Summer Series 8 race.


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