Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome to the Skips Blog

I've been fascinated with water for as long as I can recall. A fascination that ultimately lead to a passion for sailing. Not sure what brought me to sailing. I know the root of my competitiveness is the result of 3 brothers and sports as a kid. I have been involved in racing keelboats for a number of years now. Not an expert...but striving to be one. Started crewing on a Tanzer 26 when the bug hit me. I managed to get a hold of a sunfish and began to teach myself to sail, all the while trying to absorb as much as possible from each and every Wednesday night club race.

It was the J-world advanced racing course (in the Florida Keys...fantastic!) that really made me realize I wanted to race boats seriously. And like everything I do seriously...I dive in and don't look back until I accomplish what I want.

This blog chronicles my research, races, experiments and thoughts while preparing for and racing the J24, "Gray Jay" in Lake Ontario. The boat is new to me this year. I am learning about her as I go. Trying to develop the "groove" and tweak every tenth of a knot out of her. My race in class racing and finish in the top 5. My timeline...3 years max. (I know a little optimistic but if you don't have a goal worth attaining you might as well go home!)

I wil be publishing all my race notes and diagrams. And if I have the time, some neat flash animations to give you (and me) a better understanding of each race. I have only raced 6 races in the Summer series with this boat so all is still new. Crew is being trained and developed. My crew this year consists of people who have interest in sailing but have never raced. It is a bit challenging at some points, but as I teach them I am learning. So I will get you up to date on the previous races in the next few days.


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