Friday, August 19, 2005

Weather Or Not

Just finished posting my weather links that I use for pre-race strategy. So far seems to be the most accurate. The National Data Bouy Center is a great resource for data. You can dial up the specific bouy and get wind trends, gust trends and direction trends for each bouy. Forecasting the weather on race days usually starts 2 days before the race.

I usually start with a quick 5 day forecast and see what is going on. Then I do a quick check to see what the cloud cover is doing by checking Environment Canada satellite feed. I watch the local forecast on the Weather network and try to get a glimpse of the jet stream and see what the trend is. From there it is on to the National Data Bouy Center where I start collecting data and analyzing it up until I leave the office for the boat.

My Strategy along the way is to use the course map that I created (available on the post "The Course") and try to decide what the course will be for the race. I usually create a few different scenarios and plan a strategy based on both. I take into account the gusts, where I think the committee boat will set the line and the local geographical conditions that will affect the course based on the wind direction.

The best data to have is wind shift data. If you can predict the wind shift to one side of the course and recognize it with compass reading it could give you a huge opportunity on the course.


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