Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuning Up for Race 8

Based on the current weather data (prior to the race) the rig was tuned to the North Sails guide San Diego guide Uppers were set at 24 Lowers 21. In hind site with a dying breeze expected I should have tuned for lighter winds. Seems that our pointing was good and speed was good as well so I am not sure whether the tuning has more of an effect in heavier winds vs. lighter winds. This is a future topic of discussion and research.

According to the tuning guide the mast position should be 111 5/8" from the third bolt on that holds the chainplate at the bow. Our measurement was 111". Speaking to the competition, he informed me this was not the critical measurement. Apparently there is the J-dimension that we want to explore. It is the pivot point of the mast (just where the mast exits the hull...The boot area). They measure and correct this pivot point from the bow and then move the base of the mast forward on the I-beam to increase the rake of the mast giving them better sail shape on main and better pointing ability. They are engineer's so I will give them the benefit of doubt.

They have offered to come and help take measurements of headstay, rake, mast position the hopes of determining our pointing problem by process of elimination. We should be tuned and ready for the upcoming Regatta. September 10, 11, 2005.


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